Seminar: ‘The Climate of Law: Our Changing World, Changing Our Laws’

17/05/19, 12.00 tot 18.00 uur, Cervantes Institute, Utrecht (Domplein 3)

Op 17 mei wordt er een seminar gehouden in Utrecht over de invloed van het klimaat op de ontwikkeling van het privaat,- publiek- en internationaal recht. Het is gratis te bezoeken en de voertaal is Engels.

The conference will explore how the changing climate is likely to affect the development of private, public, and international law in the coming decades. A wide variety of speakers from both academia and practice will address, from different perspectives, the conference’s main question: ‘How will climate change alter the legal landscape for future generations?’.

Organized by The Legal Research Masters’ Conference Committee (UU).
Free to attend and open to students, academics and practitioners alike.
It takes place on the 17th of May, from 12.00 to 18.00 hrs.
For more information, as well as registration, please take a look at our website: and our Facebook page: